Starting At the Middle May

Does this mean I “May” have video?  There’s no may about it!


Here’s a photo of me at team introductions.  Starting from the right, I’m the first player whose head lines up with the arching support beams.


Here’s the photo of me on the track:

Copyright NRS Media Services


And here is video of the one jam of which I spoke. I’m always on the inside, number 882:

2 thoughts on “Starting At the Middle May

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I have a friend who works in San Francisco…. the only available space he can afford is a couch….. that’s $900/mo. It’s not only Frisco where rent is prohibitive. My siblings live in Southern California… my brother ‘s rent is $4,000/mo for a 2 bedroom house.. my sister lives with 5 others… and pays $1,500.

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