Not this bullshit again.

Improvisations on Reality

Once again, it’s back-to-back shootings. First a white supremacist in El Paso, followed by Dayton, OH this very morning.

And of course, my FB friends list is doing the usual. Yes, I get it, you’re saddened by it. But I don’t see you doing much past the prayers and some suggestions that, ultimately, do exactly nothing whatsoever to prevent the next shooting.

And as we saw, it doesn’t even take that long to get to the next shooting.

Already, I’ve seen the predictable excuses. “Mental illness”. “Lone wolf”. “We need prayer in schools!” (bullshit also, but I’ll address that momentarily). Basically, everything and anything except blaming the root causes of this.

And what are the root causes? Well, let me ask you this, did you see the pic the El Paso shooter put up with all of his guns spelling out “Trump”? There’s your fucking answer.

I’ve kept most of…

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